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Rev. H. M. Sauer (Pastor)

The Rev. H. M. Sauer was the second supply pastor to serve Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes during the 1911 to 1917 period.

Her was the son of Professor W. M. Sauer who was the first teacher of the Christian Day School of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Westfield, Texas.  He was associated with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in the early days of his career.

The earliest mention of Rev. H. M. Sauer in is in the 1899 "Amerikanischer Kalendar", one of the early predecessors of the Missouri Synod's Lutheran Annual.  In the 1899 "Kalendar", Rev. Sauer is listed as pastor at the Lutheran church or preaching station at Ludell in Rawlins county, Kansas.  Subsequent editions of the "Kalendar" reveal that Rev. Sauer served as pastor at a number of different locations until 1917.  He is listed as serving at Schaumberg in Cook county, Illinois in 1900;  at Atheim, Missouri in 1901;  at Schaumberg, Illinois again in 1902 and 1903;  at Wartburg in Morgan county, Tennessee in 1904 and 1905;  at Kingsbury in Guadalupe county, Texas in 1906;  at Wartburg, Tennessee again from 1907 to 1909.  Rev. Sauer accepted a call to St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Westfield, Texas in 1909 and served as both school teacher and pastor until 1912.  He then served at Kingsbury, Texas again from 1912 to 1913.

From November 1913 until February 1914 he was Pastor of the Trinity Harlandale-Helotes Parish.  During this time Pastor Sauer conducted services at Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes on every second and fourth Sunday of the month.  He baptized eight children during this period, but no marriages, burials or confirmations are recorded in the Zion records.  After his association with Trinity Lutheran Church, a member of the Joint Synod of Ohio, Pastor Sauer returned to his affiliation with the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

He was at Kerrville, Texas in 1914; at San Antonio, Texas again in 1915;  and at Westfield, Texas again in 1916 and 1917.  Both the 1916 and 1917 editions of the "Kalendar" indicate Rev. Sauer's status as "c. r. m.", an abbreviation for "candidatus reverendi ministerii", a term used to denote a temporarily inactive pastor.

Although he does not seem to have served as pastor at any parish or preaching station after 1917, he is mentioned in the Missouri Synod's clergy roster until 1924.  The last recorded reference to Rev. Sauer is in the 1924 "Kalendar" and "Lutheran Annual", both of which mention him as residing in Houston, Texas, as of September 15, 1923.