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Vicar Many Oleson (Pastoral Intern)

FROM THE VICAR (Printed in August 2011 Newsletter)

Open now they gates of beauty, Zion, let me enter there, where my soul in joyful duty waits for God who answers prayer. Oh, how blessed is this place, filled with solace, light, and grace! (ELW Hymn 533)

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I sat in amazement as I read these words during a worship planning session not too long ago. They are a perfect description of my time with you over the course of my internship. When I arrived in San Antonio almost one year ago, you threw open the beautiful gates of your hearts and welcomed me into your life together as a community of faith. I never could have imagined the breadth and length and height and depth of Christian love you would share with me, and how this love of Christ would surpass any classroom knowledge I had, so that I might come to know the fullness of God through you, the people of God in Christ Jesus.

As God has rooted and grounded me in such extravagant love, God has also provided an answer to prayer. I came to Zion unsure about my call to ministry, unsure whether I had the gifts or the heart to be a parish pastor. In worshiping and serving and learning and playing and praying among you, for you, and with you the past year, I have been affirmed in this call to the ministry of word and sacrament. You claimed in me what I was not yet ready to see, and in doing so, you have blessed not only my life and ministry but you have blessed Christ’s church on earth by raising up a pastor.

You, Zion, are a blessed place, where the light of Christ shines brightly and spreads love and grace to friend, neighbor, and stranger alike. It is hard for me to leave such a place, to say good-bye to such wonderful people. My comfort, however, is in the trust that God, who is the Alpha and the Omega, holds all our beginnings and our endings in God’s hands. I pray that the God of all grace will continue to hold you as you carry out the ministry to which you are called in San Antonio, and that God will hold me as I return to Ohio to be married to my fiancé, Jeremy Roberts, and to finish my final year of seminary.

In love and gratitude,
Vicar Mandy