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Rev. Tho. Petersen (Pastor)

The Rev. Petersen was the last of the supply pastors to serve Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes.  Nothing is known of his years before he is mentioned in the church records of Zion.  He signed his name in the church records before entering the first of his eight baptisms with the entry "in der Vacanz: Tho Petersen, Marion, Tex."  This was between July and October 1915.  He did not make any entries in the other sections of the records.

Rev. Petersen recorded his last baptism at Zion in September 1916.  According to the recollections of Andrew Tezel, Rev. Petersen began the confirmation class at the beginning of 1917 but died suddenly a short time later, about March of 1917.  The exact date and circumstances of his death and the location of his burial is not known.