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Rev. Wilhelm Christian Lembke (Pastor)

Rev. Wilhelm Christian Lembke, first-born son of Frank Lembke and his wife Maria was born March 19, 1837, in Lanskow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.  Holy Baptism was administered when he was but a few days old.  He attended the common schools in his birthplace and was also confirmed there.  At that time already the wish to serve in the Lord's kingdom filled his heart.  Following this impulse he was sent to the famous mission school in Hermannsburg, where he found a home with Theodore Harms, who exerted an influence for permanent good in the heart of the gifted student.

About that time one call after another for ministers came from America, and following this call young Lembke came to this country in 1869, where he at once entered the Joint Synod of Ohio seminary at Columbus, Ohio in September of that year, completing his theological studies the following spring.  A call was extended to him from Marysville, Ohio, where he was ordained May 26th, 1870, by Professor E. Schmidt.

On the day of his ordination, he entered holy matrimony with Augusta Mahnke.  Professor Schmidt also officiated at this ceremony.  This union which was an unusually happy one extended over a period of 44 years, being terminated by Augusta’s death in 1914.  The Lord blessed this union with nine children, seven sons and two daughters.

Pastor Lembke labored successfully in Marysville until 1879, when he followed a call to Crestline, Ohio, where he served from 1879 to 1882.  A call to a greater field of labor came to him then from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where his various gifts stood him in good stead.  After nine years of labor he discontinued his work here and made a trip to Europe in the year 1891.

After his return to this country he adopted a call from Luckey, Ohio.  Here he labored with marked success, laying special emphasis on his work with the children in the parochial school.

But either the work surpassed Pastor Lembke’s strength or else the climate was so uncongenial that he was attacked by a serious malady of the throat, which compelled him to find relief in a friendlier clime.  At the urgent request of his physicians he resigned his charge at Luckey in 1901 and moved to Texas.

Here he recuperated to such an extent that he accepted a call to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Bulverde, Texas, where he was active until 1903.  Since he was now completely rid of his throat malady he accepted a call to a larger field of activity at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Marion, Texas, where he labored with renewed zeal and vigor, giving again special attention to the daily instruction of the children, although 71 years of age.

It was in 1902, while he was serving in Bulverde that Pastor Lembke began a ministry in Helotes, Texas.  Very little is known of these early activities.  Even after he accepted the call to Marion, Texas he continued to serve the Helotes congregation until 1905.  It was under his leadership that Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes was formally organized in 1904 as an established congregation of the Texas District of The Joint Synod of Ohio.

He served the congregation at Marion until the year 1913, when it became apparent that his strength began to decline, and to his great regret he had to cease from work in the active ministry.

The family moved to Youngstown, Ohio, where Rev. E. G. Richter, his son-in-law, was stationed.  In 1917 the aged brother again moved, this time to Detroit, Mich., where he resided until his death.

In his old age the Lord saw fit to lay a heavy burden upon him.  On March 8, 1921, he was laid low with a stoke which left him paralyzed and helpless to the end which came, finding him fully prepared and ready to depart, in the evening of August 19, 1922.