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Zion's Original Constitution

of the
Ev.-Luth. Zions Congregation of Helotes, Texas
14 February. 1904

The name of this Congregation shall be: The Ev.- Luth. Zion Congregation of Helotes, Texas.

This congregation bears witness to the Word of the Lord of the Old and New Testament as taught in the Confessional Writings of the Lutheran Church, in particular, in the Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther, and the Unaltered Augsburg Confession.

To become and remain a member of this congregation one is required:
    1. To be baptized and confirmed and having born witness to the Doctrine of the Ev.- Luth. Church.
    2. Not to indulge in conspicuous acts of the flesh.
    3. To attend the public church services.
    4. Diligently attend Holy Communion services.
    5. To contribute according to one's ability to the support of the congregation.
    6. Not to have membership in any type of anti-Christian organization.
    7. Abide by the rules of the congregation.
    8. Accept admonishment in a brotherly manner according to the Word of God.
Eligible to vote are members who are 21 years of age and have signed this constitution. Only male members in good standing are eligible for election.

Anyone who desires to become a member of the congregation has to indicate this to the Pastor who will test him in the doctrine and recommend him to the congregation for membership.

The Council consists of the Pastor who chairs the meetings, and of four Trustees who shall be elected for two years, with exception of the first year, at the end which two shall resign so that each year thereafter two will resign and two shall be elected.

A regular annual congregational meeting shall take place once every year; other meetings shall be announced at two consecutive worship services prior to said meeting.

The Pastor of the congregation must bear witness to all confessions of the Ev. Luth. Church and be affiliated with the Ev-Luth. Church - Ohio Synod. Should he, though, preach false doctrine, what God in His mercy may prevent, or display conduct unbecoming a minister, the Church Council is to admonish him kindly. Should such admonishment prove fruitless, he is to be removed from his pastoral office- with the consent of the Synod.

He should not be employed with a dismissal clause, but be called for an undertermined period of time

The congregation is to belong to the same Synod as the Pastor.

Paragraphs II, VIII, IV, and X are unalterable.

In doctrine and in life the Word of God alone shall decide. In all other affairs the congregation is the highest governing body.

The Council (Board of Directors) may and shall execute the decision of the congregation.

W. C. Lembke m.p. Pastor

Copied on 14 February 1906 - P. N. Frueh P. (See page 45 for continuation.)

(page 45)

Minutes of the Congregational Meeting 28 June 1908 Supplement to the Congregational Constitution.

A. To have a quorum at a meeting of the congregation, 12 members who are entitled to vote, have to be present, however, the number of 8 may suffice for a valid election of officers.

B. The Church Council has authority to spend the amount of $20.00 per year -except for the interest payment- from the congregation's treasury for the purchase of needed items as well as the maintenance of church property.

C. To encourage the growth of our congregation each confirmed person of Christian conduct shall be permitted to join as a member and be eligible to vote if he pledges to pay a certain amount each quarter. This may be achieved with a quarterly payment of 50 cents or $1.00, according to each person's means.- In this manner only, can the congregation strive for an all-powerful, independent position and finally achieve it.

Decisions about the cemetery

A. The cemetery is property of the congregation.

B. All persons who own plots in our congregation's cemetery have the same rights and obligations whether they are members of the congregation or not.

C. The Church Council has authority to systematically sell the burial plots The council has asked Mr. Karl Braun to handle all transactions. A so called plot costs $5.00 (the founders receive a discount). The incoming money is to be paid to the treasury until the debt of $40.00, which was occurred through the "fencing-in" etc., is paid off. The remainder goes into the cemetery fund and may be used only for the repair and improvement of same.